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Angela Godoy is a fine art painter based in Hartford. She was born into a bilingual home of a recently immigrated couple from Argentina. Godoy struggled with learning English before assimilating with the American school system. The little English she did know was learned through American tv sitcoms and cartoons, often by mimicking the characters on screen.

Godoy graduated from the Hartford Art School this past spring with a Bachelors of Arts in Painting and Drawing. At her senior thesis show, Off The Mark, she displayed the series of works titled Masks. This body of work explores the concept of identity through costume and the performance that is one’s persona. She has learned to see the similarities between people’s efforts to be a social person and her own experiences in assimilating with English-speaking culture.

Godoy is working on a number of commissions and continues to exhibit her paintings at galleries and popup shows. If you are interested seeing more of her work on display, or for information regarding commissions please email [email protected]